Thursday, February 4, 2010

GeoBlox reviewed by The iPhone Mom

First review by a great website

Written by The iPhone Mom

GeoBlox is an educational app that would be good for children in their early elementary education years. I’d say probably 1st-3rd graders. The app mixes up geography with famous landmarks and animals. The idea is to match these things with the continent where they belong. The game is played using a map of the world. Picture blocks drop out of the sky and you have to drag them to the continent where they belong. If you don’t move the blocks quickly enough they’ll stack up and cover the screen. You can play in several modes. In “The Animals Game’” only pictures of animals will fall from the sky. In “The Places Game” it’s pictures of important locations around the world. “Mix Together” gives you some of each. When you drag a picture to the correct continent you score a point. If you drag it to the wrong spot you lose a point. Scores are kept on a “High Scores” screen. The game can be set at an easy, normal or hard level. As you play the game you’ll notice a small sentence at the top of the screen. This is a hint/answer about the animal or place that you’re working on. The app also has an explore section. Here you’ll go through the animals and places that are featured in the game and learn more about them. This is probably a good place to begin. There are 18 famous places and 18 animals in the game right now, with more content promised soon.

I think GeoBlox is based on a terrific concept and off to a good start. With a few little tweaks I think it can be a really great app. The first is to have the animated character stay in one spot on the screen. She’s cute but when she walks across the screen while you’re playing the game it’s distracting. The second tweak would be to increase the type size on the screen so it’s a little easier to read. Next is to increase the content of the game and maybe incorporate levels somehow.

This is the developer’s first game and I think she’s off to a solid start. If you’d like to try out GeoBlox and provide any feedback I have three promo codes to give away. First three comments will get them.

Price when Reviewed: $.99


Seller: Cid Chiu

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New app in the works

More contents will be add to the original GeoBlox game very soon.
But, here is another news, I am working on a United States version of geography game.

pic of the title screen.